04 CPU verification; POST start
08 Shutdown condition 0; Shutdown byte 0
0C BIOS ROM checksum tested
10 CMOS ROM shutdown byte tested
14 DMA controller tested
18 System timer initialized
1C Memory refresh system tested
1E Memory type determined
20 Base 128K memory tested
24 8042 keyboard controller tested
28 CPU descriptor instruction tested
2C 8259 PIT tested
30 Temporary Interrupts located and initialized
34 BIOS Interrupt vectors and routines configured
38 CMOS RAM tested
3C Memory size determined
40 Shutdown condition 1
44 Video BIOS ROM initialized
45 RAM initialized and tested
46 Cache memory and controller initialized and tested
48 Memory tested
4C Shutdown condition 3
50 Shutdown condition 2
54 Shutdown condition 7
58 Shutdown condition 6
5C Keyboard and auxiliary I/O tested
60 BIOS Interrupt routines setup
64 RTC tested
68 Floppy drive and controller tested
6C Hard drive and controller tested
70 Parallel port tested
74 Serial port tested
78 Time of day setup
7C Optional ROM's searched for and started
80 Math coprocessor tested
84 Keyboard tested
88 System initialized
8C System initialized
90 Operating system boot process started
94 Shutdown condition 5
98 Shutdown condition A
9C Shutdown condition B

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