01 CPU test
02 System I/O port test
03 ROM checksum test
05 DMA page register test
06 Timer 1 test
07 Timer 2 test
08 RAM refresh test
09 8/19 bit bus conversion check
0A Interrupt controller 1 test
0B Interrupt controller 2 test
0C Keyboard controller test
0E Battery power test
0F CMOS RAM checksum test
10 CPU protected mode
11 Display configuration test
12 Display controller test
13 Primary display error
14 Extended CMOS test
15 AT bus reset
16 Initialize chipset registers
17 Check for extension ROM's
18 Internal memory address test
19 Remap memory
1A Memory interleave mode test
1B Remap shadow memory
1C Setup MRAM
1D Expanded memory test
1E AT memory error
1F Internal memory error
20 Minimum POST tests complete
21 DMA controller 1 test
22 DMA controller 2 test
23 Timer 0 test
24 Initialize internal controllers
25 Unexpected interrupt
26 Expected interrupt
30 Switch to protected mode
31 Size AT bus memory or size external memory
32 Address lines A16 to A23 test
33 Internal memory test or conventional memory test
34 AT bus memory test or external memory test
38 Shadow ROM BIOS to RAM
39 Shadow extension BIOS to RAM
40 Enable/disable keyboard
41 Keyboard clock and data test
42 Keyboard reset
43 Keyboard controller test
44 A20 gate test
50 Initialize interrupt table
51 Enable timer interrupt
60 Floppy controller/drive test
61 Hard disk controller test
62 Initialize floppy drives
63 Initialize hard drives
70 Real time clock test
71 Set real time clock
72 Test parallel interfaces
73 Test serial interfaces
74 Check external ROM's
75 Numeric coprocessor test
76 Enable keyboard and RTC interrupts (IRQ 9)
F0 Display system startup message
F1 Check for ROM at E000h
F2 Boot from floppy or hard disk
F3 Run setup program
F4 Run password program
FC DRAM type detection
FD CPU register test

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