Phillips BIOS POST Codes


Phillips BIOS Post Codes

0A DMA page-register R/W bad
10 CMOS RAM R/W error
11 System BIOS ROM checksum error
12 Timer A error
13 DMA controller A error
14 DMA controller B error
15 Memory refresh error
16 Keyboard controller error
17 Keyboard controller error
19 Keyboard controller error
1C Base 64KB RAM error
1D Base 64KB RAM parity error
1F LSI sync missing
21 PVAM register error
25 System options error
2B Video sync error
2C Video BIOS ROM error
2D Monochrome/color configuration error
2E No video memory detected
35 Interrupt controller error
36 Byte swapper error
37 NMI error
38 Timer interrupt fault
39 LSI timer halted
3A Main memory test error
3B Keyboard error
3C Keyboard interrupt error
3D DDNIL scan halted and cache disabled
40 Diskette error
48 Adapter card error
4C CMOS battery/checksum error
4D System options error
52 Keyboard controller error
6A Failure shadowing BIOS ROM
70 Memory size configuration error

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